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Test Rack with DIN Rail Equipment
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Testing and development can be a messy process, but it doesn’t have to be. Not if you make use of QuepTech’s innovative test rack. We developed TesRac™ to come to the rescue of those whose work involves multiple tests and applications. With our configurable workstation, your work area doesn’t have to turn chaotic. Instead, maintain order and organization with our TesRac product, which can be customized with DIN rail equipment in Stevens Point.

This workstation is made in the USA of light, strong, and solid aluminum construction. Your DIN rail components can be mounted and configured to meet your individual project requirements and goals. The A-frame unit itself is expandable and ready to be customized with optional products or your own tools and devices. Add, move, remove DIN rails as required. Add power supplies, routers or a distribution board to control power to individual devices. TesRac is ideal for those who develop factory automation systems, network building, communication development, and communication product testing.

In our own work, we have found TesRac to save time and space. You can set it up with your specifications and bring it out when needed. Using the same setup for testing also reduces the possibility of error.

Innovative Engineering Equipment & Aids

Our name stands for quality, uniqueness, effectiveness, and practicality, so you can feel confident about our engineering equipment and tech gadgets. We have more than 40 years of experience from an award-winning design team. This is in addition to talent from past designers who worked at operations such as Master Lock, General Electric, and Magnetek.

We are proud to provide you with these products:

  • Test Racks
  • Accessories
  • Test Circuits
  • Communications Converters

In addition, we are developing professional-grade engineering tools for tech lovers. Look to us for innovation and efficiency in the equipment and tools that make your job easier.

Interesting Facts


There’s a direct correlation between a clean work environment and improved employee health. A clean environment can help reduce worker sick days.


The word digital comes from the words digit and digit-us. Prior to the late 1930's, the most common usage of these words was doctors referring to a finger. George Stibitz from Bell Labs and his Bell Labs team changed this in 1938 with the design and building of the first digital electric computer. Originally the term "pulse" was applied to the actions of their relays that provided the digital one's and zeros. "Pulse" just didn't seem to be the correct term for this action and the term "digital" was coined.


The Modbus protocol was created in 1978 by Modicon, now Schneider Electric. It was developed to be used with Modicons PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers). Because it's royalty-free, easy to maintain and no restrictions on vendors it was the first widely accepted field-bus standard and is still widely used.


The Chrysler Building’s spire was a secret during construction. Back in the 1920s tall buildings were popping up all over New York City, so much so that constructing tall buildings became a competition of sorts.