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Testimonials from Our Customers

Our customers have made good use of our engineering and tech products, using them as configurable workstations that increase efficiency. Here, they share their experiences in these QuepTech testimonials:

Real Time Automation, Inc. (Milwaukee Wisconsin) is a leading provider of protocol gateways serving the building and industrial automation markets, with a catalog of over 200 individual gateway parts. The customer care group, in charge of testing and customer support, was in a constant struggle to maintain sanity while attempting to work with test equipment and set up the dozens of different support applications each day. Equipment was being damaged, and productivity was down as technicians wasted hours each week fighting nest of wires, lost components and literal stacks of devices they needed to set up their test and support cases.

A Search for an Organizational Solution While trying to solve the test system organization problem Real Time Automation tried multiple solutions including shared network devices, rolling racks, and wall boards. The shared network solution was too rigid for many tests and made manual power cycles impossible without a walk. The rolling carts worked well but the shared resources create arguments and scheduling issues. The wall boards while functional were cumbersome to change and unsightly.

An all in one solution that could be issued to each employee while allowing flexibility and a professional appearance was needed. “It would be hard to say exactly how much time we wasted fighting equipment and wiring but it was a significant amount.” Said Carlos Robles, RTA Customer Care Group Team Lead.

TesRac to the Rescue!

The TesRac offered a cost-effective and personal equipment organization platform for each technician at Real Time Automation. The techs could now safely and effectively maintain and operate their test equipment. They could also easily alter their device lineup without the need of any tools.

“The racks are large enough to hold all my devices while not taking up my entire desk space. Being able to adjust the rails and get my components placed exactly where I want them is awesome. I also use the smaller racks when I travel to customer locations. These are the best racks I ever had my hands on.” Said Robles

The TesRac by QuepTech has become standard issue for all technicians and developers and Real-Time Automation.
“Between the man-hours saved and the reduced equipment loss due to safer handling the racks easily paid for
themselves in less than 6 months.” Said Robles.