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Companies, like people, get stuck in ruts. They need new ways to do things, such as reusable, configurable ideas and equipment. Sometimes, companies know what they need, but don’t have the resources to make it. At Stevens Point, Wisconsin-based QuepTech, we’re dedicated to providing products that help you get out of this rut, such as test racks and DIN rail equipment. Learn more about QuepTech’s TesRac from founder and owner Vince Leslie

Are you tired of Test Systems turning into Rat Nests?

Duck cropped from main logoAll engineering projects start the same way. A brave engineer embarks on a new journey with a clean desk, a power supply, and a development board. Then, somehow, 30 minutes into the development, that neat and organized workstation becomes a labyrinth of wires connecting a legion of test devices. Screws and stripped wire insulation covers the ground like confetti as wire connections precariously hang on by a thread. You dare not sneeze within 100 feet of the setup, and you know the entire project is one spilled cup of coffee away from a raging electrical fire and total failure. The Desk-Test Monster is born.

Been There, Done That

mdr 60 on a TesRac systemWith more than 25 years of experience developing communication systems, I’ve created the dreaded Desk-Test Monster more times than I care to admit. I’ve spent hours fighting test system wiring power and connector issues that should have been discovered in minutes. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. (Maybe that is where my head insulation was lost?)

Are you ready to get a TesRac of your very own? Check out our QuepTech store for TesRac and other innovative products.

Happy TesRac’ing,

Are You Ready to Slay the Desk-Test Monster?

The TesRac is like supernatural kryptonite to DeskTest Monsters. The TesRac is perfect for any development project. Utilizing the vertical space on your desk maximizes space while minimizing the risk of any coffee-born catastrophes. The easily configurable DIN rails allow any size device to be mounted for easy LED display, easy access to connectors, and safe, secure storage. The TesRac is small enough to fit in an overhead bin, yet sturdy enough to support an adult man’s weight. It’s a portable, configurable, test station rack that allows you to manage your test systems.